First Baptist Church Ft Mojave
Thursday, April 24, 2014


(Note: MOPS is part of the Women's Ministry)

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Meets The 1st & 3rd Wednesdays Of Each Month
Through May.
10AM To Noon.
Are You A Mom With Kids Aged Newborn To
Kindergarten? Then You Are Invited To Attend Our MOPS Group.
                                           What Is MOPS?
MOPS is an international organization existing for Mothers of Preschoolers to relax and enjoy the company of other moms who can relate to the stresses of mothering.  Our MOPS group includes childcare for your little ones so they can play, learn and be creative.

                                             Why MOPS?
                             “Better Moms Make a Better World”
 Moms often feel tired, overwhelmed, and lonely.  A MOPS group offers opportunity for moms to build friendships with other moms. We spend time getting to know each other through conversation, socializing, conversation, creative activities, conversation and discussions on topics of interest and did we mention conversation?
“MOPS exists for every mom - urban, suburban, and rural moms,
stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single and married moms  -
moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be
the very best moms they can be!”

Meeting Dates & Topics: 
Sept. 4 –   Personalized:  The Inner You
Sept. 18 – Embrace your Unique Child: Learning to Connect
Oct. 2 –     Creative Fall Mess
Oct. 16 –   Avoid Mothering Comparisons
Nov. 6 –    Control Messy Emotions
Nov. 20 –  Embrace Others
Dec. 4 –    Embrace Love’s Story: God’s Gift
Dec. 18 –  A Beautiful Christmas Tea


What Happens At A MOPS Meeting?

Relaxation – Renewal – Conversation – Friendships – Growth – Creativity - Support - Discussions
After dropping the little ones with our dedicated childcare workers, enjoy refreshments and conversation with others also living life’s messiest moments. A MOPS meeting offers moms support and growth through presentations about motherhood, womanhood or relationships, and a time for creativity through crafts or activities.  Opportunity for spiritual growth is provided through bible-based mini-lessons, devotions, or personally shared stories.
                   Is Church Membership Required To Attend MOPS?
No. Any mother with children aged from birth to kindergarten can attend.

                             MOPS Is About You And Your Story!
Motherhood. It’s a very messy time of life.  Regardless of those messes, there is One at work in you creating a masterpiece.  A Beautiful Mess.  So Embrace Your Story, a story whose end has yet to be written by the Author of Life.
MOPS is an international organization dedicated to reaching every mom during motherhood’s messiest years.  MOPS International mission statement states that MOPS “exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.”
Jan. 1 –   No Meeting
Jan. 15 – What a Mess!  Budget & Finances
Feb. 5 –   Embrace Your Husband: A Healthy Marriage
Feb. 19 – Organize Your Mess: Home/Meals
Mar. 5 –   Messy Disasters: Desert Safety
Mar. 19 – A Practical Mess
April 2 –   Embrace Your Story: A Life Story Worth Telling
April 16 – A Risen Story: God’s Grace
May 7 –   Dreaming Your Family’s Story: Vision & Goals
May 21 – A Beautiful Mess Send-Off